Purchasing a home is a major investment. Before committing to a house, it is important to make sure your new neighborhood has everything you’re looking for and is a good fit with your way of life. Here are five things to consider when deciding if your potential neighborhood is right for your needs.


Many commuters rely on public transit to get where they’re going each day. If easy access to bus or rail lines is important to you, be sure to check for ease of access in your would-be neighborhood. For drivers, easy access to highways or main roads will be crucial to getting around town. If you or your family enjoy walking to local businesses and attractions, explore the area to assess whether or not there are any obstacles to walkability.


Whether you’re a home body or an adventurous urban explorer, certain amenities can have a big impact on what kind of neighborhood is right for you. Livability is all about your access to goods and services. If you need constant access to gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, and other attractions, be sure to make sure your new neighborhood has these destinations close by. If you don’t mind driving some distance to get where you’re going, a more secluded neighborhood could be just fine.

Other Residents

A tight-knit community could be a good fit if you’re a very social person and enjoy making friends with your neighbors. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep to yourself, a neighborhood with larger yards and plenty of fences could be the way to go. If you have children, choosing a home near to their school could help them make friends more easily with other neighborhood kids. How you wish to relate to your neighbors should be taken into consideration before buying a home.

Homeowners Associations

Homeowners associations help safeguard the value of your home by making sure that all residents comply with certain standards of upkeep. With an HOA, you won’t have to worry about a neighbor’s dilapidated car or bizarre exterior paint scheme dragging down the price of your house. On the other hand, living in a neighborhood organized by an HOA can impact your own freedom to express your personal style when it comes to decorating your home and making other choices. If your prospective neighborhood is part of an HOA, be sure to research its bylaws to be sure you will be comfortable.


Last but not least, safety is a major priority when choosing a new neighborhood. Look into crime rates around your potential home and check its proximity to emergency services such as police stations, firehouses and hospitals. Resources like the national sex offender registry and local crime apps can help you make an informed decision. The presence of a neighborhood watch can also afford some peace of mind, as well as illumination from streetlights.

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