For sale sign sign in front of house in the middle of winter with snow on the ground.  Focus is on the sign.  Space on sign for additional copy.

When selling a home, we often think to only sell during the spring and summer months because that is when the most people are often looking. Even though winter and the holidays are not often thought of as the popular time to be selling a home, that does not mean that you should take your home off the market either.

The internet, smartphones, tablets, and the always-on lifestyle that many people live now has ultimately made the home-buying season a yearlong thing. Now you can set up alerts and notifications (sent directly to your phone) for homes in a certain area and price range.

Here are a couple reasons why you should consider listing your home during the holidays – or even in January.

Buyers check listings 24/7

These days, serious buyers are always real estate aware – and the holidays are no exception. People are on their phones constantly. When they are waiting for the bus or bored before bed, they can check listings with the large number of apps and websites that are available right at their fingertips, literally. People cannot step away, they are always on the go, so the same goes for buying a home. They can’t step away from that either.

Less Competition

Despite our always-on lifestyles as talked about above, many sellers still believe buyers stop looking come the middle of November. Or sellers who have had their home on the market for a while, usually take it off to give it a rest. The net effect is that the inventory for good homes often tightens this time of year. There is less competition for sellers and buyers are still out there looking for places to see. Another thing is, buyers who are looking during this time probably have a deadline they need to make, maybe for a new job or just a personal timeline. So, if you are a motivated seller, have a flexible timeline and a salable home, you could be their perfect match.

Update a slow mover

If your property has been on the market for months, most buyers and their agents will assume it is stale, overpriced or there is something wrong with it, no matter how light the competition is. In that case, it is time to take action, and the year-end holidays can be great opportunity to shift course. If you need to dramatically reduce the price or overcome major obstacles that have been preventing the sale, now is the time. If you have denied some low offers or heard multiple complaints about an issue on the property, now is the time to adjust the asking price a little bit or begin working to resolve the complaint. The motivated buyers, desperate for good inventory, will notice and take a look. Before you make any big changes, talk it over with your real estate agent.

Don’t be discouraged because of the winter months and holiday season. You might get a sale before the end of the year! Keep your head high!