24 08, 2022

Create a Home Kitchen Fit for a Chef

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From social media clips to cooking competition shows, there’s no limit to the inspiration you can find for your own culinary journey. You don’t have to be a Michelin-star chef to whip up some 5-star culinary creations in your own home. Use these tips to make your kitchen the envy of the pros get the most of your home cooking.

Counter Space

Whether in a commercial kitchen or at home, chefs need plenty of space to work. From peeling and chopping ingredients to running crucial appliances, the countertop is where much of the culinary action takes place. Set yourself up for success with lots of counter space and choose a durable surface such as granite or stainless steel for longevity and easy cleanup.

Large Sink

Crafting a culinary masterpiece can create lots of dirty dishes. If you want to work like the pros, be sure your sink is large enough to handle your various pots, pans, and service items. A large 2 compartment sink can stand ready with water for washing and rinsing, and a commercial-grade sprayer for your faucet goes the extra mile for eradicating stuck-on remnants from your cookware.

Proper Appliances

Choosing the right appliances is another crucial step in setting up your chef-ready kitchen. Gas stoves are the industry standard in professional kitchens, and while you probably won’t have room for a walk-in cooler, a double-door fridge offers plenty of room for all those key ingredients. Remember to also select a dishwasher that is up to the challenge of your greatest chef-sized messes. As for finish, stainless steel remains a popular choice at home and in restaurants for easy cleanup and microbial resistance.
Choosing the right way to arrange your appliances is another important consideration. Opt for a layout that encourages maximum efficiency and as little […]

11 08, 2022

What to Look for in a Neighborhood

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Purchasing a home is a major investment. Before committing to a house, it is important to make sure your new neighborhood has everything you’re looking for and is a good fit with your way of life. Here are five things to consider when deciding if your potential neighborhood is right for your needs.


Many commuters rely on public transit to get where they’re going each day. If easy access to bus or rail lines is important to you, be sure to check for ease of access in your would-be neighborhood. For drivers, easy access to highways or main roads will be crucial to getting around town. If you or your family enjoy walking to local businesses and attractions, explore the area to assess whether or not there are any obstacles to walkability.


Whether you’re a home body or an adventurous urban explorer, certain amenities can have a big impact on what kind of neighborhood is right for you. Livability is all about your access to goods and services. If you need constant access to gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, and other attractions, be sure to make sure your new neighborhood has these destinations close by. If you don’t mind driving some distance to get where you’re going, a more secluded neighborhood could be just fine.

Other Residents

A tight-knit community could be a good fit if you’re a very social person and enjoy making friends with your neighbors. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep to yourself, a neighborhood with larger yards and plenty of fences could be the way to go. If you have children, choosing a home near to their school could help them make friends more easily with other neighborhood kids. How you wish to relate to your neighbors should be taken […]