18 07, 2022

5 Tips for the Ultimate Home Theater

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A home theater gives you and your family to access the magic of the movies at any time. Whether you’re a major cinephile or just looking for a way to enjoy the latest streaming release, a home theater can add hours of enjoyment to your downtime. It’s also an incredible way to add potential value to your home.

Use the following tips to make the most of your home theater experience and create an atmosphere worthy of Hollywood!

Choose the right space

Selecting the room in your home to serve as a dedicated theater is the first step in the process. Just like the real theater, you’ll want your home theater to have as few windows as possible to avoid sunlight intruding on the viewing experience. You’ll also want this room to be isolated from other rooms whose inhabitants could be bothered by noise. The ideal home theater could be in your basement, or any other space that is not dedicated to a specific use in your home.

Consider lighting

With the right room selected, it’s time to give some thought to the lighting in your home theater. If the space you’ve chosen has windows, invest in some heavy blackout curtains to help keep out unwanted sunlight. Next, consider installing ambient lighting so you and your guests can find their way around in the dark theater. This could be as extravagant as in-floor track lighting, or even some well-disguised LED tube lights. For main lighting when the screening is over, you’ll want to avoid any large hanging fixtures that could obstruct your view of the screen. Go with recessed can lights controlled by a dimmer for that real theater vibe.

Paint it black

Painting a normal room in your house black would usually be a no-go, but this is […]

14 07, 2022

5 Helpful Calculators for Potential Homebuyers

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Acquiring a mortgage or refinancing can be a complicated process. Understanding the numerous financial factors that go into these transactions can be a major hurdle for the average homebuyer.  Luckily, First Ohio Home Finance offers mortgage calculators and other online tools to help you reach your financial goals. Keep reading to learn more about our calculator tools that can assist with your mortgage research.

Mortgage payment calculator

Determining the amount of your monthly payment is one of the most basic considerations when acquiring a home loan. Our simple mortgage calculator takes the basic details of your loan—total mortgage amount, down payment, interest rate and loan period—and shows you an estimated monthly payment based on these figures.

Click here to try the mortgage payment calculator.


Should you refinance?

When you refinance at a lower interest rate, you usually pay refinancing costs including points, fees, and closing costs. This calculator will tell you if the amount you save in interest will exceed these refinancing costs. The calculated results depend on how long you plan to keep this property.

Click here to try the refinancing calculator

How much will my adjustable-rate mortgage payments be?

Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) can be useful for borrowers in certain financial situations. These loans typically allow for a lower monthly payment in the short term, with the price of payments increasing over the life of the loan. This calculator computes the estimated payments and interest for an adjustable-rate loan, where the rate increases by the maximum amount allowed at each interval until it reaches the rate cap.

Click here to try the ARM payment calculator.

How much mortgage might you qualify for?

It is important to determine how big of a loan you will qualify for before taking on the search for your next home. Most […]