23 06, 2022

4 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

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Pets can bring immeasurable joy into your home and your life. Like any member of the family, it’s important to cultivate a space that feels safe, comfortable, and livable for your pet. With just a few small adjustments you can turn your home into the pet-friendly paradise of your furry friend’s dreams.

Whatever kind of pet you have, use these tips to make your space as friendly as possible for the four-legged companions who share your home.

Fence it In

One of the best things you can do to make your home pet friendly actually belongs outside. Whether it’s a dog who needs room to run or a cat who loves to explore, every pet needs some outdoors time. A fenced in yard gives your pet the freedom to enjoy nature without the fear of escape. Just be sure your fence is of adequate height to contain energetic pets!

Better Safe Than Sorry

From certain foods to household cleaners, your home is full of items that could be harmful or even deadly if consumed by your pet. Take care to properly store chemicals and allergens where your curious pet can’t reach them. Keep in mind that some plants are also poisonous to animals, so be sure to do your research ahead of time before introducing any new flora into your home.

Easy Access

Just like us humans, pets can develop mobility issues with age. Some assistance may be needed if your aging pet is struggling to get onto furniture or climb steps. Consider building ramps in key areas to aid in your pet’s mobility. This can help your furry friend get where they’re going and reduce the risk of injury from over exertion in elderly pets.

Keep it Clean

Hygiene is a key to happiness for pets and their owners alike. Be […]

8 06, 2022

How to Avoid Title Problems When Buying a Home

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A title search is a relatively simple action you can take to help uncover problems with a property before you buy. Though this is commonly done by the title company during the escrow process, there’s no reason you can’t do your own title search ahead of time. If you can handle a simple records request, you can easily handle the search process. Here’s everything you need to know about performing a title search yourself.

Why perform a title search?

There are many reasons a prospective buyer might wish to engage in a title search prior to investing in a property. These searches are typically part of the process to obtain title insurance needed to complete the purchase. They can also reveal many relevant details about the property in question, such as the legal owner, mortgages issued, and the presence of any other debts or liens that may have been issued against the property.

How to Perform the Search

While the exact steps for doing a title search can differ from state to state, the general process remains the same. The first step is to determine the parcel number for the property on which you intend to conduct the search. This information can be found online by searching the property by address on the county tax assessor’s website. In some instances, you may need to visit the office in person to obtain the necessary information.

Once you have provided the parcel number, you may be required to enter additional information such as the property’s address or planning application number. Once all the necessary information has been furnished, you should have access to the relevant records for the property. This will give you all the information you need to uncover any troubling details about the title.

What to do next

After […]