31 03, 2021

Why Columbus, Ohio is One of the Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2021

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Now is the time to buy in Columbus, Ohio! While 2021 has had economic ups and downs, purchasing real estate is an opportunity on which to capitalize. Columbus is in the top 10 recommended American cities for real estate investing. The low cost of homes in Ohio has made purchasing accessible and appealing.

Real Estate Prices in Columbus, Ohio

According to Ohio Realtors, home sales rose from 8,623 in January 2020 to 9,383 in January 2021. The average sales price for a house across the Buckeye State in January 2021 reached $211,050, a 15% boost from the $183,782 average sale price in the same month last year.

A mortgage payment includes principal, interest, tax, and homeowner’s insurance. Ohio’s mortgage interest rates range from 2.0-4.5% and real estate tax is lower than many states. Because of these reasonable rates, more money can go towards the principal. Purchasing power is much higher in Ohio compared to high tax states like California or New York.

What Makes Columbus Standout

Columbus’ population growth is approximately 1.34% yearly, while median household incomes grew by 0.45% this past year. Five Fortune 500 corporation headquarters are located in Columbus, which gives residents numerous job opportunities. These companies include American Electric Power, Cardinal Health, L Brands, Nationwide, and Big Lots.

The number of doctors per capita in Central Ohio is considered abundant. Columbus is proud to be the home of several nationally ranked hospitals, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital which last year was ranked 7th best children’s hospital in the United States. Ohio State Campus is home to the third largest cancer hospital in the United States, The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital. In 2020, US News and World Report ranked “The James” 30th out of 899 cancer hospitals.

As far as the educational system, there are […]

16 03, 2021

How to Hire a Handyman

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Anyone can claim to be a handyman. Finding a person you can trust is a process, however it is worth the research. Licensing for a handyman differs by state, yet every expert needs to have, at minimum, a service permit, background check, insurance coverage as well as a guaranty bond. While several handymen are self-taught, others have gone through training at technical schools. Here are some things to look out for.

Make a List

Make a complete list of repair work that needs to be done and develop a standard, itemized budget plan. If you’re uncertain regarding the expense for something to be fixed, compare reputable online pricing platforms such as HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide. This is a great way to see what home-owners are spending on comparable tasks.

Get Referrals

The best place to find reputable contractors is in your own neighborhood. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for the names of handymen they have used for projects in the past. Be sure to contact several contractors to give yourself some options. Ask if they provide free estimates and request to see photos of their previous work.


Before working with an expert handyman, request a quote. Compare your rates. See to it that the handyman recognizes your repair services and also has comparable rates. Please keep in mind it is okay if your handyman’s rates are more expensive, however keep an eye out for irregular rates.

Once the handyman comes, they can give you a better pricing estimate, especially if you are combining several tasks. Be wary of a handyman that calls ahead of time to schedule a payment.


You may want to confirm that the handyman has competed training at a technical school or community college. Hiring a handyman with hands-on experience is excellent. However, you […]