19 11, 2020

Preparing Your Air Conditioning System for Winter

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Your home is a huge investment. As the seasons change, there are steps you can take to ensure that parts of your investment are not put at risk when they are not in use. For example, winterizing your air conditioning system will keep you from having large replacements when spring and summer come back around. We’ve included a few steps you can take as a homeowner to keep you’re A/C in the best shape, so it lasts. It’s better to do this type of outdoor task before the weather changes and snow or the temperature begins to fall.

Reasons to Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit

Maybe you’re thinking “air conditioning units are MEANT to be outside, why would I need to prepare it for the changing of season?” and the answer is simply—it takes little time and extends the life of your unit, saving money overall.

Water, ice and debris collect in and around your unit during the fall and winter. If your air conditioner is not protected, it can clog, rust and deteriorate quicker than a unit that is protected. Air conditioning systems are expensive and after investing in a home, of course you want it to last as long as possible. Ignoring your air conditioning unit all winter could lead to costly repairs or the need to replace the entire unit when spring and summer begin.

Supplies needed include: a clean rag, waterproof cover, Bungee cords, vinyl rope or plywood and brick, foam pipe covers and duct tape.

Winterizing for Colder Environments

Clean the Unit

On a day that isn’t too cold or wet yet, you will want to take a wet rag and wipe out all the debris or dirt that has accumulated all year. Let it dry before you continue the process.

Turn the Unit Off

Shut off the power by going to the outdoor […]

3 11, 2020

How to Create a Successful Home Office Space

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When many jobs went remote at the beginning of 2020, we expected a few weeks and then a return to normal office life. Now that we realize there may be a chance of working remotely becoming a common practice, you may be wishing you would have skipped the guest room or basement gym and put in a home office. If you’ve been sitting at the kitchen counter or using a stack of phonebooks to lift your computer, here are some tips on how to create a home office space that will feel better for long-term situations.

Let’s look at the easiest and most ideal option first—an extra bedroom. Sure, you may have already turned this into a guest room however, there are plenty of ways to reorganize so there can be a comfortable place for overnight guests and a quiet place for your day-to-day work week. Just be sure to keep the furniture in the room smaller so the room doesn’t feel cramped.

Another space that could work for a home office is a closet. Sounds terrible, but if there’s space for a desk and chair and it has a light then this may not be a bad option! Consider the closet that you’ve stuffed full of junk your future quiet space. Begin by clearing out the closet and get rid of what you don’t need and once you find a place for the items that once lived in the space, you are free to find an affordable desk that will fit the space nicely.

If you have a finished attic or basement, this may be a great place to set up if they are not highly trafficked areas during your work hours. Both of these spaces may offer you more room than a closet, bedroom or space in the kitchen/living room. A […]