Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury House

Inspection day is a very exciting day for home buyers. It is likely the first chance you will have to go inside the home since you made the offer. It is usually the last chance that you will have until a final walkthrough. But most importantly, it is your chance to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to the condition of the home. You can experience many different emotions all at one time.

Home inspections not only provide you with a list of problems, but you also want to negotiate with the seller to fix some of the problems or you could even back out of the dealer altogether. It will provide you a detailed report that is something of a “new owner’s manual” for the home. This will also include tips and a schedule of when everything needs done next.

Finding an Inspector

It is important to find a professional for the job. You can find an agent through Zillow’s Agent Finder Tool, this gives you a chance to check out their online reviews and make sure they are someone you can trust to get the job done right. It is vital to be clear on what exactly is and isn’t included in the inspection price. Most inspectors are in a similar range of $300-500 and may fluctuate in price to pay for the inspection that you get. Early in the home buying process start researching inspectors and have at least a couple in mind, especially if the market is busy. You’ll need to be sure you can get an inspection scheduled within your contract timeline as well!

Inspection Day

You should plan on being there and your agent should be there with you the entire time. Chances are the seller’s agent will be there to help get any quick answers the inspector might need. Home inspections take time and this is not something you want to rush through it. Follow along as much as you can. You are there to learn from the inspector, they will explain your home’s systems and give you maintenance tips. Those should be in the final report as well but it is helpful to hear and see them from an inspector.

So, what happens after your inspection report comes back? It depends. First, the inspector will only cover things that they see. They won’t tear out existing walls and flooring just to find a problem. There might be things that they miss. Look carefully at your contract. An inspector can’t forecast the future. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of being a homeowner!